Pre Funeral Cremation Research Paper

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Losing a loved one can be incredibly devastating, and when the person has asked to be cremated, it can be a confusing and surreal process. Pre funeral arrangements can be made with the burial company to honor your loved one's wishes with a low cost cremation. After the process, many people like to scatter the ashes in a place that was meaningful to the deceased. The Scattering Ceremony After the affordable cremation services by a burial and cremation specialist, you'll want to consider your loved one's wishes. If this person has requested a certain location because they were happy there, it's important to honor those wishes. They might have requested a direct cremation, which means you can have your own ceremony at the location. The deceased might not have requested a location specifically, but you will want to find a place that had special meaning. The place might be a farm where he or she grew up, a favorite fishing spot on a lake or a location out …show more content…

It can be religious or just incredibly spiritual. You might want to invite other loved ones or have a private moment as you remember the person. It will depend on what you'd like to do. Regulations and Laws There are laws and regulations regarding where you can scatter a person's ashes. While there are laws, many loved ones don't check with their local authorities before having the ceremony. If you're concerned about the environmental issues or safety and health of people in the area, you can contact the local authorities to check on your concerns. On Land On public land, there could be rules that require you to get a permit before scattering ashes. This is true in public parks and city land. If you're unsure about the owner of the land in a rural setting, you might decide to hold a ceremony without contacting authorities. A quick ceremony where you scatter the ashes will be over quickly and only the memory of the person will

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