Pre Hrm Simulation Analysis : Managing Human Resources

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Stephanie Saldivar Management 455: Managing Human Resources Professors Loren Dyck September 29, 2015 Pre-HRM Simulation Analysis A simulation is defined as the imitative representation of one system by another (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). More specifically, the Human Resources Management Simulation is a simulation where students portray the role of a Human Resources Director of a growing company. Its objective is to gain insight into the Human Resources department, develop the basic knowledge of its principles and test new concepts before implementing them to solve and improve the department. The case presented through the simulation gives the students the chance to assume the position of a Human Resources Director of a medium sized company. According to the HRManagement Case, the company has expanded in the last couple of years; however, the Human Resources department has not been able to keep up with the growth of the company (HRManagement Case, 12). Therefore, the Chief Executive Officer has advised for the student to help the department by setting specific goals. The case gives the following detailed information in regards to the Human Resources budget, staffing methods, productivity of employees, wages, and training programs. After reviewing the case, I believe that there are three key issues that have affected the Human Resources department in terms of keeping up with the company growth. The three key issues are the employee turnover rate, training programs and

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