Pre-K And Cultural Differences

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My earliest recollection of learning that people are “different” was in pre-K. Pre-K was the first time I was introduce to other children. My pre-K class was diverse with children from different background. I can recall there were blacks, white, and Spanish students. One of the class lessons in pre-k was teaching us about why we have different color skins and how we are all equal and friends. I realized I was different from some of the children because I had brown skin, and thick shoulder length hair. My brown skin did not make me feel out of place, however, I was jealous of the girls with longer softer hair than mine. The Spanish, white and Chinese girls usually had their hair out or in a nice long ponytail. During playtime, they will make…show more content…
Due to my experience in pre-k, I thought any culture was better than black culture because I viewed hair as beauty. For most of my childhood, I wished I were born in different culture that had long soft hair. I looked at the Spanish and white culture as being a superior culture compared to blacks because they had beautiful girls. Currently, I do not view the Spanish culture as the superior culture to blacks. Black and Spanish are both minorities while the whites are superior to both cultures. I try not to compare cultures like I once did as a child; instead, I find uniqueness in each culture. I think black culture is unique in diversity, Spanish culture is unique in family orientation and white culture is unique in thrive for…show more content…
In my cultural group, homosexuality is looked down upon. In Trinidad, there have been numerous cases of hate crimes towards the LGBTQ community. Trinidadians that comes to America are open to the LGBTQ community but still frown on that community. When my I was younger, my mother projected a dichotomous way of thinking. She clearly said that homosexuality was wrong because it was against God word and heterosexuality was the right way of life. In most ways, my mother beliefs did not shape the way I think about sexual orientation. I do think everyone has the right to love who they want because love does not have a gender or sexual orientation. However, I personally do not agree with homosexuality due to my spiritual beliefs. At the same time, I will not discriminate against anyone from the LGBTQ community because they have the right as a human being to express and be who they are.
F. My initial understanding of racism existed was in high school. Throughout my academic career, I was aware about racism but did not completely understand what it is. In high school, I had numerous projects consisting of black history and racism. In my research, I found many stories about racism towards oppressed groups. I learned that minorities experience racism everyday due to stereotypes. Research opened my eyes to situations that are classified as racism that I did not know prior to my research. I mentally prepared myself to understand that I will experience racism because of the
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