Pre K & Kindergarten Learners Essay

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Pre-K & Kindergarten learners: A child between the ages of 3-5 wants to learn all about the world around them through exploration, and figuring out how it works. Their curiosity always gets the best of them at this age, which aids them in their learning process in figuring out what the world contains. Most children at this age read a book, only by telling a story through the interactive illustrations, and their imaginations. We will be reading a book for each lesson taught. These books will be available to the students throughout the duration of this unit. This unit will be a hands-on activity lesson plan alongside literature and music. At this stage their fine motor skills are still under development, meaning holding a pencil, cutting out paper with scissors, buttoning shirts, zippers, pasting objects, picking up little objects, even though several of their fine motor skills are developed, strategies need to continue to develop them further, hence the hands-on activities. Most children at this age are capable of communicating their needs and wants, and interact with other children. Social skills are as important as fine and gross motor skills and children at this age are capable of communicating. These are some of the building blocks of key concepts for young students. Working memories, using rules, behavioral control, reaction, and responses are all incorporated into this unit. The National Association of Young Children (NAEYC) states that younger
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