Pre-Launch Decisions That Influence Innovation Success

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Pre-Launch decisions which influence innovation success Discuss the roles of early adopters and network developments in the market acceptance process of innovation An early adopter is the first customer for a company who uses the company's product and provides the company with candid feedback in regards to the product. This feedback assists the company to refine their product for future releases. Early adopters play an important role of helping other adopters choose a product over another. The early adopters will review the product and promote it amongst their network thus ensuring that the product gets recognition in the market. Early adopters are the first market segment for any product, and if the product elicits negative reactions from them then the product's success cannot be guaranteed. For any innovation, a company needs to ensure it has developed good network relationships in order to obtain support for its innovation. This is because of the generic market acceptance process. The market acceptance process starts with building relationships with the adoption networks, which should start before the innovation is launched and continue after the innovation has been commercialized. Once the product has received backing from the adoption network, early adopters will be willing to purchase the product because of the technological innovation which they would be willing to access for themselves. Once a product has been accepted by the early adopters, and they give it

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