Pre-Marital Sex

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Pre-marital sex tends to be quite a disturbing issue these days especially among teenagers. The education ministry believes that having sex education to be taught in schools would be a good awakening for students especially teenagers.
In my opinion, having sex education being taught in school would not play a very big role in the students’ lives. It all depends on the individual itself. An individual or in this case teenagers should know and be able to analyze whether having sex before marriage is good or bad and is it morally right or wrong.

Is pre-marital sex morally acceptable? Having asked myself the question, I tried to think of it in the aspect of morality. To me pre-marital sex is not “morally” acceptable as marriage and morals
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An individual should always have good characteristics that will allow him/her to make decisions wisely. These characteristics are important too when it comes to pre-marital sex. An individual should know how to differentiate whether to engage in pre-marital sex or not. Not only that, he/she should know the consequences of engaging into pre-marital sex.
Some of the characteristics that a person should have is intrinsic motivation. This is where a individual has an intrinsic desire to do or not to do something in a certain way. In this case, before engaging into pre-marital sex, a person should always have that intrinsic feeling which opposes him/her from doing so. Another characteristic would be the feeling of guilt and disapproval. If an individual has this feeling, he/she would definitely not get engaged into this. Even if he/she does, the feeling or guilt would avoid them from doing the same thing again. But of course this varies among individuals. Not all individuals easily feel guilty of their behavior.
An individual should always have moral reasoning in them. This would help them to be able to make moral reasoning whether or not to engage into pre-marital sex. They would actually be able to think and judge rationally. Having moral feeling is also important as it helps individuals to have moral emotions like conscience and sensitivity over feelings of what is wrong or shameful. In this case, if the individual has this feeling, it would help them to avoid
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