Pre Pregnancy Test, Trojan Bareskin Condom Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnant Test

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The name of the contraceptives that I choose is First respond early pregnancy test, Trojan bareskin Condom clear blue easy digital pregnant test. I choose these three because when I first saw their name on the paper scavenger hunt, I wanted to know how they look. I have seen a lot of contraceptive method but not those three that I choose. (A short summary of the contraceptive)The Church& Dwight CO, INC Manufacture the first respond early pregnancy test contraceptive and this product were design to prevent any unplanned pregnancies so couple that is not ready to have children can enjoy their sex life without any barrier because birth control, pills and other contra captive devices don’t guarantee 100% protection. The test ensure comfort and a little differences. I notice other pregnancy test that were there have a curve but the early pregnancy test which look wider on the box it mention on the box so it can feet any women hand when taking the test. Also mention is it over 99% accurate. For the Trojan bareskin condom the manufacturer place were the same, they both sold over the counter and without a prescription. According to the Trojan bareskin manufacturer saying on the box it is made with quality latex to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD’s, with guarantee lubricant to ensure comfort and sensitivity and 40% thinner than the standard ones also have special reservoir and extra safety. Also there was no generic type for the Trojan bareskin condom but there were many other

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