Pre-School Naps Narrative

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I remember in pre school nap time took place after we ate lunch. Looking back I favored one teacher more than the others. Her name was Miss Sally. She was very close with my family but she had not always been. It all started one day at nap time. \ I was a very energetic child so making me take a nap was a complicated process. I liked to whisper and talk to the people lying next to me but I always ended up getting caught because the other child would complain about me interrupting their “beauty sleep”. After I get caught the first time I knew I had to be more sneaky so I would cover my face with my blanket and listen to the music playing. That worked for me for about a week but I got so bored that I knew I had to do something. I thought of trying to have a conversation with a teacher but I knew the other teachers would bust me. One day while I was trying to fall asleep I realized that my lips were a little bit dry and that a small amount of chapstick wouldn't hurt. I remembered that Miss Sally kept her chapstick in her purse because she let me borrow it one time. The teachers all kept their stuff in the closet across the room next to where all the teachers were hanging out. My…show more content…
I checked the door and it was open so I secretly snuck into it and shut the door so there was only a sliver of light coming in. Miss Sally’s purse was light brown so I looked through all the other purses in the closet until I found it on the ground. Just after I took out the chapstick and applied some to my lips I hear a voice coming from outside the closet. “Jillienne Judith Ness!” It was Miss Sally. Slowly, I came out of the closet with a guilty look on my face. “What were you doing in there?” I pulled out the chapstick I had hiding behind my back and showed it to her. She looked down at me with empathy. Thinking that the world was ending I almost started to cry but before I could Miss Sally gently took her chapstick out of my hands and sent me back to my
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