Pre Screening For Disabilities And Genetic Enhancement

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Pre-screening for disabilities and genetic enhancement are vital factors in the decision to place restrictions for selective genetic abortion. All human life should be of equal worth, supporting the ideal that life-and-death decisions for seriously compromised newborns should not be based on the quality of life (CITE 3). Screening for genetic diseases through the use of in vitro fertilization, or IVF, limits and excludes those with disabilities from our society, exposing limits on morality. These include transgression of divine laws, transgression of natural laws, introduction of an unacceptable risk of harm, introduction of a threat to genetic diversity, introduction of a threat to one’s common genetic heritage, paradoxical counterproductively, a misuse of social resources, a widened gap between the “haves and “have nots”, promotion of social conformity and homogeneity, and lastly undermining free choice (Fisher, 2013). From these points it is important to recognize the impact it has upon our society, and how we perceive, and behave towards those with a disability. The practise of introducing selective abortion through the use of IVF and genetic testing will create a hostile environment going forward into the future for those who escape detection before birth. This will cause potential discrimination against those with a disability, making them liable to be looked down upon by the community and unfit to be alive (Fisher, 2013). Thus this can create a second class or even a…

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