Pre Test And Post Test

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“This training will take place in two 4 hour training sessions, with six weeks between, and include mini lectures, videos, and small group activities (Mcglone, 2000, p. 243).” There will be a pre-test and post test called the CCAI given to the officers, the CCAI is used in research and the social worker must be trained to evaluate such test. “After the first session feedback will be requested from the three top administrators (police chief, assistant, and training director (Mcglone, 2000, p. 243).” Officers will be given packets with information regarding cultural differences, example of such information are “white people speak loud and fast, make greater eye contact when listening, nods head or make nonverbal makers, respond quickly, and are objective; African Americans speak with affect, make direct and prolonged eye contact when speaking, but less when listening, interrupt when they can, respond quicker than their white counter parts, and use affective, emotional, and interpersonal communication when upset or passionate (Sue, 2006, p. 168).”
“White people are more likely to misinterpret Black American communication style and this is linked to activating of unconsious triggers or bottons about racist stereotypes and fears they may harbor (Sue, 2006, p. 169).” Sue (2006) the comminucation of Black Americans can lead white people to feel their life is in danger and this can lead an officer to use force more quickly with African Americans: use of force does not only refer to…
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