Pre Understanding Of Religion : An Open Mind While Studying Other Religions

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Monika Rabjohn
RES 101-04
Dr. Nowack
Pre-understanding of Religion
I was consciously aware to keep an open mind while studying other religions. When answering question three, I stated I could study other religions without threatening my faith. Through my experiences in this course I have a greater confidence that I can study other religions and use that information to expand upon my own beliefs.
The religions we’ve discussed in class are very diverse, however, I’ve been able to make inferences between them and my own faith. While studying Hinduism, I thought their belief of three main beings - the Trimurti - was very interesting. In a way, they reminded me of the Holy Trinity of Christianity. Hinduism does state that there is one main being whose spirit infuses into every other holy being, which is similar to the belief of the Holy Spirit being imparted into Christians. Which is interesting since many people predominantly believe Hinduism is polytheistic, while in a sense it is monotheistic too. Catholics and Hindus also share the belief that pleasure is not intrinsically bad and it is a blessing to enjoy the world. Religion is occasionally associated with denying pleasures wholly while in reality it is the overindulgence which is held back. At first glance Buddhism may seem very different from Catholicism. Although Buddhism does not worship a God, it does believe in the One which is indescribable. Since the Judeo-Christian God is also mystery and many…
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