Pre-Work Assessment

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If you were just hired to work as a tree-cutter this summer, there are a few things that you need to know about staying safe at your new job. Here are five things you should always do to stay safe on your new job. Always Do A Pre-Work Assessment When you work as a tree-cutter, every job that you work on is going to be a little different. No two trees are exactly alike. Before you start a job, you should always assess the situation. Determine first if you are going to be able to climb the tree, and if so, where you are going to anchor yourself. If you need a ladder to get up the tree, figure out where to put it and where to anchor it. Or, if you’ll be going in on an aerial lift, examine all sides of the tree and determine which side it makes sense…show more content…
If there is any chance that you could come into contact with electrical wires, you should be wearing long sleeved, close-fitting clothing and your hard hat should be non-conductive. You are going to need to protect your eyes from all the dust and particles that can fly into the air when you work, so make sure that you have protective eyewear that allows you to clearly see what you are doing while protecting your eyes from all angles. Operating a chainsaw can get loud, so in order to protect your hearing, you’ll need some high-quality ear protection. When operating a chainsaw, you should also use gauntlets and chaps. Finally, you need to make sure that your shoes are slip-resistant and supportive so that you can effectively climb. Double Check Before You Climb A Tree Finally, before you climb any tree, always double check the tree and make sure that it is safe for you to climb and that there are no additional hazards present, such as a power line that you missed. Once you start climbing, test limbs before you put your full weight on them and make sure that they are not weak and can support your weight before transferring your full weight onto
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