Pre-World War II History

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Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler at the helm was a major threat to the world when Hitler brought the country to prominence. Hitler transformed Germany from a depression-wracked country into a major military power. Externally, Hitler went on major conquests in order to bring Germany to power. Within Nazi Germany, he attempted to create a super race of people and wanted to do so by eliminating all inferior races starting with the Jews. In the midst of this action, the United States attempted to prevent any association with the ongoing war. However, as Hitler rose to power and Nazi Germany became an enormous threat to the globe, the United States repealed its Neutrality Acts and slowly shed its isolationist beliefs, thus entering World War II …show more content…
Germany succeeded in their take over of these nations and captured Paris in June of 1940. Once Paris fell, the Germans attacked and bombed England, mainly the city of London, for 76 consecutive days. As 1940 came to a close, Nazi Germany began to become a major threat to the United States as they neared the Atlantic Ocean.
Adding to the picture, in the United States, the government passed the Neutrality Acts that were founded upon the isolationist beliefs that the United States had at the time. The Neutrality Acts were a series of laws passed from 1935 to 1939 that prevented the United States from becoming disheveled in World War II. The acts prohibited the transport of war supplies to World War II participating countries and inhibited U.S. citizens from traveling on belligerent ships, it forbid loans to belligerents, allowed the President to limit non-munitions sales on a “cash-and-carry” basis, and finally, it outlawed U.S. vessels from hauling goods or passengers to belligerent ports but permitted the sales of munitions on a “cash-and carry” basis. In spite of these acts, as Hitler became a serious threat to the world, the United States repealed the acts in a “cause and effect” process. As Hitler stormed through Europe, the United States repealed the provisions of the Neutrality Acts one by one. FDR went in front of Congress and addressed the needs of their democratic allies and the needs to secure safety for the United States.
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