Preacher Sermon in the Novel Flatland

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The way the universe is portrayed throughout the book gives us a view of many dimensions that may exist. Flatland shows us the opportunities for the existence of different worlds and causes the reader to consider that Heaven and Hell could in fact be two different worlds that may be expanded or retracted in dimensions. A preacher may use Flatland in a sermon in a variety ways, including how Heaven may be a new and inspiring dimension with a contrastive way of sight and sound that is only achievable upon reaching Heaven. Hell may be an unspoken horror of dimension that none of us on Earth have ever experienced. One way in which a preacher may use this incredible novel in a sermon is to give the congregation an awareness of how the universe is ever-changing. Heaven may indeed belong to another dimension with a different way of sight, sound, and emotion. Our God may experience many emotions at once. For example, He may be angry and forlorn, jovial, and troubled all at the same time. The variety of ways in which we attain sight, sound, and emotion causes a separation between us and God that can never be fulfilled until we reach our final destination. Sin is also a significant topic that may be discussed in a sermon relating to Flatland. While sin is existent in our dimension and is quite prevalent amongst those who belong to the realm of Earth, the dimension of Heaven has no sin. Heaven may be similar to our…
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