Preaching Christ From The Old Testament

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In Preaching Christ from the Old Testament , author Sidney Greidanus offers a contemporary hermeneutical model for preaching Christ centered sermons from Old Testament Scriptures. Following a broad survey of Old Testament preaching throughout the history of the Christian Church, he suggests methods through which Old Testament Scriptures can be seen to lead to a proclamation of Christ and provides a process to use these interpretive tools to develop Christocentric sermons. Although Greidanus provides practical and beneficial tools for ministry, his model should be used carefully and in conjunction with other resources that can serve to balance his position.
The Redemptive-Historical Christocentric Method
Greidanus terms his method “the redemptive-historical Christocentric method”. In doing so, he reveals his priority to remain Christ centered without compromising the historical basis for the text or the larger redemptive narrative of Scripture. With these priorities firmly established, he presents seven ways that the Old Testament Scriptures can be legitimately used to lead us to Christ.
The first way, redemptive-historical progression, preaches Christ from the context of redemptive history. The history of God’s covenant People reaches its climax in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and looks ever forward to the establishment of a new creation. The Christ event carries with it implications for all of human
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