Preaching and the Imagination: Thesis Research

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This thesis is a study of imagination as related to exegesis in preaching.
The content of preaching has been emphasized and studied in Seminaries, but the method for effective preaching has been treated in generalities. Now it is the time to think more specifically about processes which can help the preacher deliver biblical and powerful sermons that transform the lives of the hearers. One such process is that involving human imagination in relation to the exegesis and exposition of biblical texts for preaching.
This thesis attempts to define exegesis, to present the foundation of imagination, and to give examples of the proper use of imagination in the Bible and by great preachers, contrasting these with the misuse of imagination. Finally, the thesis lays out the role of imagination in preaching and in the mind of the audience.
A preacher needs a balance between the honest exegesis of the text and practical application of the truth. For this balance sanctified imagination, which is a work of the Holy Spirit, plays an important role. Sanctified imagination functions in an interaction between "God’s part" (revelation) which is exegeted (observed and interpreted) and the "creation part" (our exposition and application), in the process of making the sermon, thus bridging the gap between the bible times and today. Understanding of God’s Word must precede the creative aspect in sermonizing. Without honest exegesis, preaching can be neither biblical nor powerful. But without the
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