Preaching the Gospel

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Taria Watson EN 101 12/11/14 Final Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ The church is just a building; the people are what make the difference. When I think of qualities I want in a church family, I want a church family whose pastor preaches the whole word. They must have a real heart for not only the members and the people who attend there, but for the people of their community as well. They must be excited about building up the Kingdom of God. These are the qualities my Grandpa Watson’s church possessed while he was pastor of Bethel Temple Assembly of God. I have longed and searched for a church to fill my grandpa’s church place in my heart as my church family for a very long time. After my grandpa left the area, my family…show more content…
I guess what they say is true, that you cannot judge a book by its cover. When I first walked in the doors, there are people waiting to greet me with a handshake and a smile. It’s not a fake smile either; I could really tell they were happy I was there. Then I went up the stairs and there were more people waiting to greet me, only this time I received hugs as well as the handshakes and smiles. As time passed on, I decided to become a member. I really feel wanted, love, and accepted. The people of this church family I am apart of really and truly care about everyone that walks in the doors. They even take time out of their schedules to host a community lunch once a month and they have people who volunteer at Pikeville Medical Center, to talk and pray with the cancer patients. That is just two of the many ministries that I can get involved in there. The third quality I want to talk about is they must be excited about building up the Kingdom of God. It has been a long time since I have seen a church so hungry to see souls saved and on their way to heaven. Every time I walk in the church, I feel the presence of the Holy Watson 3 Spirit. It takes more than just the pastor being hungry to get souls saved. It takes the entire church to be hungry. The devil is out there and he is trying to get as many people to follow him because he knows the outcome of the war. He
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