Precarious Work Vs Single Women Essay

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Secondly, precarious work affects the living state of women financially as single mothers and how they were seen dependent primarily on their husbands wages and occupational choices. Now as single mothers they are unable to escape the debilitating effects of impoverishment which is shown through Ann Duffy and Nancy Mandell's article. This article articulates that a women's income drops by 20 to 40 percent as single mother because they do not have a male as a breadwinner for the family (Duffy and Mandell, 253). Females are more likely to experience this situation because if they do go into the work workforce they are payed less than men. Single mothers tend to be stigmatized when they receive social assistance in taking care of their children due to the Victorian ideals of society that women should follow their role of domestic work.…show more content…
The precarious work of these single mothers portray that they are unable to afford a living with their work low paying jobs, thus living a life near poverty. In comparison to single mothers, teenage mothers go through the same experience of low wage jobs due to the fact that they do not have the qualifications for a secure and protected job, thus forcing them into the dangerous workforce. Moreover, Duffy and Mandell's article not only expresses the struggles of single mothers but it also affects their children and how they are at risk of likely going into poverty like their mothers. I believe being financially unsettled has an major impact on one's life considering that these single mothers have to experience situations in life that they had never thought of and live a life of misfortune through hazardous work in order to sustain the health of themselves and their
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