Preceptorship Program Proposal At A Medical Center

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Patient safety is indeed one of the highest priority and important aspect in the healthcare industry.
Therefore, the onus lies on healthcare organizations to implement necessary measures for newly licensed registered nurses during the first 6 months of their employment so as to decrease high turnover rates, turn over costs, medication errors and increase patient safety. There is a high turnover rate of newly registered nurses in the healthcare industry as they transition from students to professional nurses. So strategies to implement an effective preceptorship programs that will decrease turnover rates is important.
Newly licensed registered nurses lack a level of performance and confidence in making pertinent patient care decisions.
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All this can be achieved through a preceptorship program in place.

Our lady of Mercy Medical Center, which is now known as Montefiore North Division, where I worked for a couple of years, had a 1800 large bed teaching medical center but had a higher turnover rate of newly licensed registered nurses in 2008. Newly licensed registered nurses had a higher turnover rate compared to the other staffs of our Lady of Mercy Medical Center. The turnover rate was 32.1% to
35.6% in the first three months of employment and 54.8% to 57.7% in the first year of 2015. A 2015 report found that the average nurse turnover rate in hospitals was 8.4% and that 27.1% of newly hired registered nurses quit their jobs within one year. An earlier report also found that the average nurse vacancy rate in the united states hospital was 13% with more than one in seven hospitals reporting a


2 vacancy rate of more than 20% (Myer-Bratt,2012). Exit interviews revealed that job satisfaction, lack of support and high stress plays a significant role in nurses leaving their jobs.
Newly licensed nurses face many challenges upon starting their first clinical roles. They are vulnerable, lack confidence, critical thinking skills, fear criticism/having to cause harm to patients and rejection from their colleague’s (Meyers,

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