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The movie Precious is a 2009 American drama film directed by Lee Daniels. Precious is an adaptation of the 1996 novel “Push” by Sapphire. The film stars Gabourney Sidibe, Mariah Carey, Mo’Nique and Paula Patton. The film takes place in Harlem in 1987 where an obese, 16 year old female named Claireece P. “Precious” Jones lives in a Harlem ghetto with her dysfunctional and abusive mother Mary. The family resides in a Section 8 tenement and subsists on welfare. Precious has been “invisible” to the father who rapes her and to the authorities who dismiss her as just another one of Harlem’s casualties. But when Precious becomes pregnant with a second child by her father, Precious meets a determined teacher and a no-nonsense social worker and…show more content…
During one scene Precious is at home washing dishes when her mom, who is unemployed and watches $10,000 Pyramid all day, asks Precious if she is going to start cooking. Mary then throws a heavy pan at Precious and knocks her out. A flashback of Precious’s father raping her occurs, and then the scene enters into Precious’s fantasy world where she goes to feel safe when she is overwhelmed by the horror around her. Rather than her mother waking her up gently, she throws water on Precious’s face to rouse her from the floor. This scene portrayed the General Theory of Crime, Control and the Power of Control. The key factor in crime causation is the presence or absence of control. Mary felt as though she had full control over her daughter and her daughter’s actions. Forcing her to start dinner and then throwing a heavy pan at Precious because she had yet to start cooking is her way of showing the control that she feels she has over her daughter. Rather than feeling sorry for hitting her and waking her up gently, she pours water all over her. This proves that her mother thinks she is the main source of power and control in Precious’s life. It seems as though Mary gets a euphoric feeling over controlling and constantly abusing her daughter. During one scene of the moving Precious needs money for food before leaving the house. Her mom Mary is too busy in bed,
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