Precious Knowledge

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How am I supposed to be the change? In Precious Knowledge, these teachers risked everything to fight for their program and still got screwed over. No one in the government believe what they were doing was right. We need people to challenge what are founding fathers did. Even though they came to this country, they were not perfect either. They treated people as property, how is that right? It makes me so mad that people are so unwilling to change, especially white people. Who cares if people of a different or gender gets ahead in life. They probably worked their ass off to get there, and would more than likely appreciate their position over some rich white person who was handed the position. Yeah the curriculum’s textbooks were written by people…show more content…
Or would the government prefer them to be people they could just “easily” be sent to jail. A put this quote in my RS a couple weeks ago, but “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Franklin D. Roosevelt. I think white people, specifically men fear anyone that doesn’t look like them are going to take over what they’ve “accomplished.” While I am thankful for the people that were white that helped over the years, like John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, fighting for “The Civil Rights Act signed into law in April 1968–popularly known as the Fair Housing Act–prohibited discrimination concerning the sale, rental and financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin and sex.” But I’m more grateful for people like Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. because they have been great role models for people of color and for me. Those two taught me that whatever I believe in doing, I should do. Yeah, I have white skin and that probably helped in my ability to accomplished what I have done so far in my life, but I still have the Mexican last name attached to me, so I can see the stigma attached to me if they do not personally know…show more content…
It makes no sense to lie to children, and telling them one side of history is essentially lying to them. In chapter 1, “Multicultural Education: Characteristics and Goals,” having rich white males dominate the how we learn is not beneficial to explaining the true essence of the races in America. Explaining the warfare and what the white males went through, as well as only honoring holidays based on white males’ religion is “single-group studies.” I realize that yes the Founding Fathers helped to create the country and eventually the public-school system, but there is no need to do everything like they did. We should be more open to every race. This country was founded because they wanted to be free, but the only people who are free are white males. Yeah, it was democracy for that period, but we as a country need to challenge ourselves to be open making ourselves better by being open to one another. If we keep social class as an issue to learn then how free are we? I think that this country is melting pot of all sorts of races and instead of oppressing it, it should be celebrated. Once children start learning about other people’s culture they can start to create their own opinion of what is right and wrong. But the people in power, the white males, do not want that which is wrong. I cannot stress this enough, we’re all immigrants to this country. Is it because we freaking kicked Native
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