Precise Case - Launch at Openworld 2000

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Q1. Should Insight be launched in Open World 2000?
1. First mover advantage. 2. Delaying the launch probably would result with competition coming up with similar product. 3. Mass propaganda possible via Open world. Less marketing expense (presently that is one of the key expense areas for Precise).
1. No proper user interface – would hamper the reputation of the product and company as a whole (something for which they have stood for ). 2. Since the roll out will be a beta version, there will be loads of development required. The competition may then imitate the product and come up with their own modifications. First mover advantage may be lost. 3. Only monitor functionality would be launched – the other
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of transactions per user | Time saved in hrs / day | 0.94 | Divide aforesaid time by 3600 | Percentage time saved per day or year or month | 11.75% | Time saved / 8 hrs (40 hr week) | Savings at end user | 1007890.625 | % time saved per day x user salary*(1 + Burden rate) x number of users | Total Savings due to Precise/SQL | 1259771 | End user savings + Savings on hardware + Savings at DBAs |

Cost of Precise / SQL for 10 DBA accounts / computers = $25000 x 10 = 250000
Suppose I give a 25% discount = $25000 x 10 x 0.75 = 187500

Looking at this, we don’t even need to give a discount in our sales. We can actually increase the price of existing Precise/SQL so that we get some more money.
Insight has to be charged higher than what Alon has in mind ($250,000).
This can also mean that the salesforce are heavily depending on

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