Essay on Precise Software Case Analysis

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When and how to introduce an end-to-end new product to the market?


1. Should we (Precise) introduce a new product in Open World conference 2000? What could be the impact if we delay to offer an end-to-end solution in the performance management space?

2. What is the best selling strategy for the new product?

3. What is the best pricing strategy for the new product?

4. Should we maintain a single sale force or separate sale force dedicated to the new product? What kind of commissions and how much authority should we set up for the sales force regarding to the new product?

5. How can we deliver the value of the new product to meet our customer expectation
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Quest Software offered around 25 different products, with some of the functions offering products relevant to Precise.

Marketing Mix Analysis:

A) Product Analysis:

Precise offered the software that helped its clients to manage the performance of their information technology (IT) systems. Precise is in the performance management and availability market. Its products are designed to manage the performance applications utilizing Oracle database. The company had focus on a small range of core products but provided users high quality that promised. Precise offered the software license and services. The main products were insight products, SQL and Presto. Precise/SQL accounted for 86% of all Precise’s software licensing fees. The company has strong trained account reps with very strong relationships with key clients. End-to-end response time is extremely important to ensure the system ran efficiently and effectively. All of the available products focused on the performance of each of the components of the system. The sales cycle is 6 to 12 months on average. Precise realized from the feedback of its consumers that they should provide right solutions to its clients rather than the products. However, a full-functionality end-to-end performance tool needs a long time to be developed. It’s going to take six and nine months to get a basic product with purely monitoring only. The fully
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