Precision System Inc.

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Action and Implementation Plan

The decision that the group would take is to implement a web-based ordering system that would allow customers to configure their orders in accordance with the specification that they want. Through this the data entry error will decrease. The necessary steps for planning the implementation of a web-based ordering system are stated bellow.

The first step in implementing this course of action is to determine the objectives of the company. As for our PSI it aims to reduce its error in order entry stage of the business process. The company should also take into account the customers that will be using the website so that we can better design it in accordance with their characteristics and the data
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The second step is preparing the company for change which is not an easy thing to do. People in the organization especially those who might lose their job or have a hard time coping with new systems being installed would naturally oppose such a change. That is why a considerable time should be spent to ensure that the people of the organization is ready for any alteration in their normal work environment. The employees of PSI which are currently in the order entry department won’t be fired but their responsibility will no longer include that of encoding the orders of the company.

The third step is to inform the customers with the web-based ordering system because they are also one of the stakeholders for the change that we are going to implement. Informing them of the modifications will hopefully get them on-board with our decision which will make the implementation of the change easier on the companies part.

Lastly, we should track our results and modify operations for necessary improvement. We will track the results of the project by comparing the actual from the metrics develop in the planning phase of the study. Through this, we will know where we are and where we are suppose to be. If we are far from our goals we need to check what we are doing wrong and fine-tune the operations. This cycle of improvements never ends as business of today always seeks for improvement.

Five Steps to Planning
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