Precolumbian Tool Research Paper

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Precolumbian Tool What precolumbian tool do you feel like you need to have in order to survive? I believe a knife is important to have because it can Injure, cut, and skin. A knife is an important tool to have. FIrst, it is important to have a knife so you injure. Using a knife, you can injure animals for food. You can also injure enemies using a knife. With a knife you can injure intruders. Next, with a knife you can cut.Using a knife, you can cut wood. Also, you can cut animals with a knife. You can also cut up plants with a knife. Finally, you can skin. You can use a knife to skin. You can skin animals using a knife. Also, when using a knife, you can skin fish. In conclusion, there are many tools to help keep you safe.
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