Predator Compare And Contrast

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1987’s film “Predator” is an unprecedented action thriller that graced the world with its grandiose portrayal of over the top action, suspense, and more than enough muscle between these actors to put even such films as “Pumping Iron” to shame. Predator is a simple film, and one that has no time for romance nor the “time to bleed”. This film is so brilliantly casted, and along with its simple plot and dialogue it is a blatant message to anyone who watches it even today; Hollywood can simply never successfully remake or replicate this masterpiece in today’s cinema.
Predator as far as film plots go is extremely simple in its story and acting. It does not try to make itself out to be anything more than that. It starts off with the Predator himself flying in space towards earth landing somewhere, but other than that the film gives no other details about him which sets up the level of mystery that follows this alien warrior. Following this scene, in the most classic of …show more content…

They pick up a female hostage after completing their mission although it is against Arnold’s wishes. Thankfully she never becomes a romantic interest which the majority of today’s action films would be quick to fix that. Now at this point is where the Predator begins to pick off Arnold’s men one by one, and they realize that if something is killing them off like this there’s a good chance it may not be human. Modern action films such as Marvel’s “Avengers” rarely if ever kill off any of their characters, making it unbearably unrealistic and boring to watch. Without spoiling more details about the film’s plot it ultimately builds up to hand-to-hand fight between Arnold and the Predator himself where the wait and the mystery of the Predator makes his reveal

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