Predator Movie Analysis : Film Analysis Of The Vietnam War

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Devin Minix
Vietnam War Paper
Predator Film Analysis Vietnam was a war of ideals more than a war against an enemy. America had involved itself in a fight against the values and morals of Communism and the people who supported it. During our time in Vietnam, we chased after the pockets of Communism that lay hidden in the jungle and brush. During the 1980s, America found itself close to another battle against Communism but this time laying in Central and South America. In the movie Predator, we explore the fight against Communism explored in how we fought an enemy vastly more strategic, how government incompetence lead to bloodshed, and how the Americans were fighting against ideals. Throughout the film, Dutch and his team are systematically picked off by a hidden creature whose sole purpose is to hunt the most dangerous game which is man in this case. We saw the Predator evade traps, outsmart the Americans, and blend in with its surroundings. With these skills, Dutch and the team are easy to take down being more brash and bold with their actions while the Predator is more calculated and focused with his kills and hunting of these men. We can view these qualities as a direct reference to the Communist enemies to America who were able to evade and dominate the vastly more powerful American forces by adapting to their surroundings. Dutch is only able to survive till the end due to complete accident with mud colliding with him and then proceeds to use this as

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