Predator-Prey Interaction

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Abstract Predators are animals that kill for their food; they must do this in order to survive. There has been controversy about predation in some areas including the re-introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National park area and other areas. Predator-prey relationships are both beneficial and detrimental to some species. The weakest and unhealthiest become dinner for those predators and also become a positive thing for the species that only the strongest of the herd will survive and continue to reproduce. Some types of prey have defense mechanisms which fight off predators. Survival of the fittest is the best explained phrase for this type of ecological interaction.

Introduction Predator-prey relationships are
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Predation and prey interactions keep the circle of life going.
Benefits of Predation When a predator makes a kill, it feeds not only them, but other species as well. For example, if there is an elk kill, this will feed other predators like bear, mountain lion, coyotes, eagles and others. Smaller rodents and other scavengers, like ravens will also benefit from a kill. We are predators ourselves we have to kill to eat, just most of us don’t do it ourselves, if we are meat-eaters. What we don’t eat can go to the dogs and feed them. Bacteria and other parasites can also join in on the fun. Other things we don’t eat, can go to compost, so there are many ways in which predation benefits the food chain. It definitely feeds various links on the food web. Predation is also used to control populations of certain problematic species, such as snails, which pass certain types of diseases to other species including humans, as explained by Molles. They have used crayfish in some places such as Kenya and other East African countries to control a problematic snail population. (Molles, 343) This happens here at times also, with introducing species that will eradicate problem species or invasive species that are taking over watersheds and other ecosystems.
Predator Body Systems Predators can be birds of prey or carnivores or anything that must kill for their food. Predation is the interaction between the predator and the prey itself. All
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