Predator in the Ocean

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Predator loss in the ocean is a growing problem in our world today. Sharks are the main loss of predators in the ocean, with a wide verity of species in the ocean Sharks sit at the top of the food chain. They live within the biome of the ocean which has different species living only in certain part of the ocean so the ocean has biomes within its self with shark species with almost all of it.
There are many different biomes within the ocean depending on water temperature and the amount of sunlight that filters through the water, and the amount of nutrients in the water. Sharks are found in nearly all ocean biome they can be found around the world. Sea animals that are found in a great white shark biome include tuna, seals, smaller fish, and what not. Great White Sharks move all over the place so the variety of sea life that surrounds it tends to vary due to its location. Plant life that forms in this area is mostly algae and sea grass that grow that are in the area. Great white sharks can be found in the United States, South Africa, Japan, Chile, and the Mediterranean. So in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean is where they can be found.
Due to over fishing of the Great white shark and other sharks has caused the problem of the loss of this great Predator. In the 80’s Great white shark hunting was one of the main ocean fisherman prize fishing. With the average price of great white shark for meat and other reasons they would usually sell for $1,500 for
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