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Predators The Mee Street Chronicles: Straight up Stories of a Black Woman’s Life selection “Predators” written by Frankie Lennon is a conflicting story about a young woman who endures adversity about her sexuality. The setting in this selection is inside Allen’s Bar in 1977, Los Angeles, California. To help increase the knowledge about the protagonist Frankie, portrayal of certain characters, atmosphere, and Conflict will further explain her changes in this point of her life. During the 1970’s spokeswoman Anita Bryant was an All-American woman who campaigned about homosexuals in society causing violence within our community. Anita Bryant won many pageants, later succeeded in winning Miss Oklahoma.…show more content…
She knew that if she spoke up, she too would be a victim of a crime like the boy who they considered to be a homosexual. Frankie is conflicted within her thoughts to speak up or remain quiet. She is however, a target to the relentless comments surrounding her.
At this point in the scene, Frankie was few up with Anita Bryant. I could tell she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, about the facts of homosexuals. Instead Frankie thought to herself, “It pissed me off that people put the rap on us for what pedophiles did. If you paid attention to your stats, or the neighborhood grapevine…about the husband down the street, you’d know that damn there all the pedophiles were heterosexuals” (Lennon 160). This was a sarcastic yet frustrating comment that left Frankie feeling aggravated by the ignorance of her peers. I could definitely relate to Frankie’s emotions, we cannot judge others when we are not perfect ourselves. This was not the “safe” time to openly express her sexuality to others.
Lastly, the conflict within the text includes external, internal and her values. The dilemma in this plot is that Frankie would like to expose her true identity and feelings with those around her, while on the other hand she still want to fit in. Frankie is stressed between coming out to everyone and the desire to conform to society. She is often reluctant through out “Predators” deciding if she should explain her views about
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