Predictable and Unpredictable Life Events

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The events that we experience in our lives influence how we develop and change in each stage of our lives. Life pushes us through changes at particular point. These periods of change are all transition points which can be little unsettling. They are usually counterbalanced by periods of clam and stability. These changes may make us feel awkward or even be painful but they are necessary because life does not stand still. A life event can change the direction of our lives, affecting our personal development. Some major changes in life can be predicted and even chosen, while others may be unpredicted. Predictable life events, such as starting school, going through puberty and retiring from work, often mark a transition from one stage of…show more content…
We might also feel pressured by new demands on time and mental energy. Retirement is a predictable event of having a work. This event contributes positive and negative effect on our development. This event would mean that we could have more free time and we can control more our lives compared when we have work. We can do things that we always wanted to do but because of work we have not got the chance to do it like may be some hobbies or having holidays in different places. By this it can boost up our intellectual, emotional and even social skills. However, this could also affect us negatively like lack of daily routine because or loss of previous work roles, may be loss of contact with your close work colleagues which affect your social life and could lead to loneliness, less money and difficulty in establishing a new lifestyle and may become ill. The other side of this event is an unpredictable event which is losing your job or made redundant because of either the job is no longer needed of the company has gone bankrupt which can affect our development as it can lead to financial pressures; lack of daily routine and loss of sense of identity; loss of self-confidence or even worse self-respect; loss of social relationships with work colleagues; increased strain in personal and family relationships which means that stress levels also increases where your mental health will be at
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