Predicting Behavior by Attitudes Essay

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Predicting Behavior by Attitudes Attitudes can be very complex, a product or service may be composed of many attributes or qualities some of which may be more important than others to certain people. Furthermore, a persons decision to act on his or her attitude is affected by other factors, such as approval by family and friends. For this reason, multiattribute models have been constructed and are extremely popular among marketing research. Many models have been constructed but the most influential model is that of Fishbein 1973. The Fishbein multiattribute model argues that attitudes can predict behaviour. It measures three components of attitude. Salient beliefs people have about an attitude…show more content…
In many cases knowledge of a person's attitude is not a very good predictor of behaviour. Many studies have obtained a very low correlation between a person's reported attitude towards something and his or her actual behaviour towards it. (Wicker 1969). For, instance Stacey 1981 found only a small correlation between attitudes and alcohol consumption. Furthermore, the model doesn't consider people's past behaviour, despite evidence that this is a good predictor of future behaviour. (Bagozzi 1991). Previous performance of a behaviour helps to explain the extent of the person's actual behavioural control in a particular situation. (Kashima et al 1992). Following on from this criticism the Fishbein model was extended to improve its predictive ability. This revised version is the theory of reasoned action (Azjen and Fishbein 1977) and assumes that behaviour is a function of the intention to perform that behaviour. This new model measures behavioural intentions, recognising uncontrollable factors, and the power of other peoples influence. The subjective norm has been added to include the effects of what we believe other people think we should do and also the
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