Predictive Policing Essay

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Predictive Policing Kenneth Klutse STRAYER UNIVERSITY Information System CIS/500 Dr. James A McCray April 14, 2012 1. Compare and contrast the application of information technology (IT) to optimize police departments’ performance to reduce crime versus random patrols of the streets. 2. Describe how COMPSTAT, as an information system (IS), implements the four (4) basic IS functions: 1. Input 2. Processing 3. Output 4. Feedback 3. Determine how information systems have allowed police departments that implement tools such as COMPSTAT to respond to crime faster. 4. Apply the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis (SWOT analysis) on behalf of police…show more content…
Historically, technological innovation has served as the substance for intense changes in the organization of police work and has presented both opportunities and challenges to police and other criminal justice practitioners, according to Janet Chan, a social scientist who has studied how information technology affects the way police do their jobs.1 Noting that .information is the stock-in- trade of policing,. Chan has identified three general imperatives driving law enforcement’s evening investment in information technology. Using information technology in policing has add that more efficiency to the police department. Comparing the old-fashioned way of patrolling the streets to combat crime to then use them of using technology to predict the crime area and patrolling in advance deters crimes from happening. There are many advantages associated with using information technology in policing. Comparative analysis shows that using information technology (IT) to combat crime has save lot of resources and time in the police department. There are a number of other advantages that can be associated with the use of information technology in the police department. For instance they use of Automated Field Reporting System by the police department has eradicated the use of hand writing of reports at the field by the Police Officers. Officers completed handwritten incident reports in the field and
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