Prednisolone Is Chemically Known As A Corticosteroid

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Prednisolone is chemically known as a corticosteroid which is a ‘steroid hormones’ (DIAAIC). The corticosteroids are produced in the adrenal cortex and come in two forms; glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids. The two forms differ in that glucocorticoids act as anti-inflammatory steroids and as a metabolising agent. The mineralocorticoids however, work to maintain a balance between the water and salt levels in the body. Prednisolone is used to treat inflammatory diseases and is therefore known as a ‘synthetic glucocorticosteroid’. Steroids work by reducing swelling and inflammation (DIAAIC). Pharmacology The corticosteroids work by supervising the rate at which the proteins are synthesised. This happens through the reaction of the…show more content…
In the pharmacokinetics aspect, prednisolone is mainly dependent on two characteristics; dosage and age. Based on how the drug is bound in the plasma, the distribution of the drug can be determined. A high dosage of prednisolone leads to an increase in the volume of distributed drug. This is due to the non-linear binding of the drug. It is recommended for patients with other disorders to lower their dosage intake of prednisolone (LinkSpringer). The half-life of prednisolone differs in accordance to age; the half life in children being the shortest. A common issue with patients who take prednisolone drugs is that the levels of serum-binding proteins are low in the patients’ blood. This is known as hypoalbuminaemia. The serum-binding proteins are important in that they allow the drug to bind for it to take effect. If a patient were to take oral contraceptives whilst on the prednisolone drugs, it would decrease the half-life and the volume of drug distributed. This would be as a result of high levels of corticosteroids (LinkSpringer). Side Effects and counselling When a patient is prescribed with prednisolone, they must ensure that the prescriber is aware of any other medications the patient may be taking and of other health issues, if any. This is because different drugs work in different ways and so to ensure the prednisolone works effectively, the patient

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