Preface Of Mother Nature

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Nature! Mother Nature! So ancient, yet so fresh; so marvel, yet so novel! A deep connection between beauty and civilization! It is my universe, it is my life. From birth to death, Mother Nature cradles me in her bosom. She is always in my mind. She is so dear. Nature is my Teacher.

Beauty and simplicity! Nature that envelopes all of us is so grand, so loving! She gives us the grace, the beauty, the fluency to our life. The care, the love, the affection of all our human life is imbibed from her spirit. She breathes life into us. Grew in sun and shadow, we live the life given to us by her. We all are accommodated to be her children. She is the creator, protector and promoter of our mortal life. Our purpose of life is worthy of her
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We have nearly forgotten the benevolence of Mother Nature and unreasonably ask the reason of evil, complain about pain, criticize about cockroaches, rain, silly people, and fail to underdrawn and get an answer. We lapse into a doubt and cynicism. We hardly appreciate that we are alive, well and thrive. We hardly count our blessings that we have (a good health, success, thriving), and especially forget to discount that we do not have (a failed health, cancer, dying). Powered by machine intelligence, man’s growing alienation from nature, and its consequential problem manifests in a host of personal and social maladies. The sun shines and lights us, the wind blows and soothes us, the bird sings and delights us – but, we have no curiosity to know that, why? Being isolated and insulated from the nature, we fail to comprehend the totality of the universe, the grand design behind the creation and evolution that turns cosmic chaos into order and establishes the rule of nature. In consequence our own questions often unanswered. Who am I? What defines us? What’s a good life? Where is the meaning in the rapid passage of time, the speed in which our lives are spent? Or the questions we thought had no answer, or the questions we didn’t know we had, or the questions we should be asking. Because, the root cause lies in our skewed priorities in which nature is relegated to a place of little concern. Here we try to unfold…show more content…
The book does not claim any scientific, medical, ethical or religious view, advice or recommendation. The book is ‘for information only.' Also, the information presented here does not claim a textbook accuracy, rather a general guidance. The book presents a ‘good faith’ summary of a ‘good life.’ Some facts may be inadequate, inaccurate or outdated and therefore, any error, omission or exclusion, is on the part of the author for which a plea is acknowledged in advance. Facts are nothing but an interpretation of data. Fascinating facts reinforce the topic with research results, discoveries, surveys and statistics. Today, there is so much of information, so much of communication, and so much of evidence that, that one can no longer plead ignorance; and, important as these facts are, a willful blindness is not a good policy either. Facts explain and compare the ‘life as-is’ vs. ‘life hereafter.’ Sometimes, statistics can also be as confusing as they are enlightening. So, in order to keep the motion of the topic alive, key data are skimmed and highlighted broadly to the context and rounded ‘up or down’ to make it casual, simple and generic, and easy to remember. Typically, if any quantitative data are of any significant importance, they are put in numeric format rather than alphabetic format. (Numeric format: Half is not exactly 1/2. 1/2 is more significant than ‘half’. Radiation from 1 chest CT scan = 350-400 standard
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