Pregnancy Among Adolescents And Teenage Pregnancy

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Pregnancy among adolescents has been a registered ongoing issue ever since the early 1950s. There are many key aspects to teenage pregnancy, such as historical details, causes & effects, interventions, and relative theories associated with these aspects. This article will review and explain each key aspect in detail, while also giving feedback and insight on different interventions and available resources. Teenage pregnancy has become a roller coaster of an issue, especially since the early 1950s. Between 1954 and 1960 the teenage birth rate was consistently 90 per 1000 births (1). Teen birth rates in the early 1960s for 18-19 year old females were double what they are today (2). This could be due to the fact that many people did marry at a younger age than the average couple of today 's society (3). In 1990, the rate of teenagers becoming pregnant was 116.9 per 1000 females (4). From 1990-2010, teenage births rates dropped 51% (4). 34% of sexually active teens reported having unprotected sex in 2005 (10). In 2010, the teenage birth rate was 57 per 1000 girls ages 15-19 (roughly 614,000 pregnancies) (10). In 2010, $9.4 billion was spent on teen childbearing (5). In 2011, the birth rate fell 8% for females ages 15-17 and 5% for females ages 18-19 (teens became less sexually active and started using protection) (6). In 2012, a total of 305,388 infants were born to women between the ages of 15-19 (7). In 2013, teenage pregnancy rates dropped 10% from 2012 (9). The numbers
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