Pregnancy Among College Students

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A Research Proposal

Presented to

The Faculty of the College of Nursing

Our Lady of Fatima University

In the Fulfillment of the

Requirements of the Degree

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Ariel A. Abeleda

Laarnie S. Chan

Cristy A. Laureta

Joan R. Mapilis

Kierwin P. Mariano

Ralph Roger R. Nicolas

Justin Jake C. Ortega

Maridel P. Placido

Archie P. Santos

BSN 3Y3-11


The Problem and It’s Background


The first and known systemic sign of the existence of a variable embryo prior to implantation is the presence of a lymphocyte modifying activity which is detectable in maternal serum within
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As a result, they may have an underdeveloped intellect and attain lower academic achievement. Children born to teenage mother at are greater risk for abuse and neglect.

Statement of the Problem

Generally, the study aims to explore on the attitude of Filipino college student to pregnancy.

Specifically, it aims to answer the following;

1. What are the demographic profile of students as to;

1. type of community living in,

2. year level

3. number of relationships

2. What are the attitudes of the respondents regarding;

Significance of the Study

The study seeks to know the attitude of college students to pregnancy. Primarily, this aims to provide an understanding on how

do respondents behaves and think about getting pregnant. The result of this study will offer a basis towards developing a program for enhancing and empowering reproductive health education.

Students. They will be provide with knowledge on hospital undergone by the attitude to pregnancy among Filipino college students and the activities which have importance to students in Our Lady of Fatima University.

Parents. They will be incline to assistance and guidance to their children in hospital/health services and to other activities pertinent to the organization and the hospital.

Patients. They will be encouraged to actively participate
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