Pregnancy And Childbirth, The 1800 's Vs. Now

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Robin Yates’s paper, “Pregnancy and Childbirth, The 1800’s vs. Now: What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting,” was filled with many clear points on the advancement of labor and medicine since the 1800s. This essay was filled with interesting and grabbing facts; however, the structure of the essay needs more support. The first sentence of this essay was grabbing, “Blood everywhere, screaming and yelling, is this a battlefield?” (Yates 1). It was an excellent choice to start this essay off with a question because it immediately causes the reader to think and become more engaged in the paper. The thesis statement is clear, “ A women’s experience through pregnancy and childbirth was extremely different in the nineteenth century compared to now.” Yates did address her talking points at the end of her introduction, but they weren’t necessarily in correct order. The first two paragraphs address birth control, not reasons for getting pregnant. Yates argues that childbirth in the nineteenth century was very different to what women experience today. This can be debatable because overall, it’s the same process and act. Yates argues that it was very different in the nineteenth century. I think this could be an argument but she should add more to it in order to make it a more controversial argument. The organization of this paper was not always clear throughout. The author’s talking points were out of order, which was where my confusion started. It continued when not all the talking
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