Pregnancy Complications: Gestational Hypertension Essay

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The existence of hypertension may occur before being pregnant but eventually it develops to a pregnancy complication in the long run during pregnancy known as gestational hypertension (GH). The main goal of all health care providers and the whole medical team is to aim to have a pregnant woman deliver a healthy baby without any complications. Unfortunately pregnancy complications may still occur during any period of pregnancy such as antepartum period, intrapartum period, postpartum period, and immediate neonatal period. Close observation and nursing care plans pertaining to GH must be provided for safe pregnancy. What is gestational hypertension (GH)? GH is usually developed around the 20th week of gestation without…show more content…
Edema in the feet and legs are very common in pregnant women but edema above the waist is suggesting GH. The edema must be resolved after birth and it is very important to monitor urine output. Hypovolemia can be one complication caused by edema where decreased blood flow in the maternal organs and placenta may occur. Proteinuria is where the reduced blood flow damages the mother’s kidneys which protein leaks into the urine. A clean-catch or catheterized urine specimen is needed to check for proteinuria. Severe complications related to GH can cause great affect on the central nervous system, eyes, blood clotting function, kidneys, liver, stomach, and the GI track system. Other complications related to other hypertension disorders of pregnancy are GH with renal involvement (proteinuria) is called preeclampsia. GH with proteinuria with central nervous system, involved with generalized tonic-clonic seizures is called eclampsia. Close monitoring of health providers and compliance with medication prescribed will increase the risk of avoiding severe complications along the way of pregnancy. Treatments and nursing considerations for gestational diabetes depends on how the hypertension’s severity and on how the fetus is matured. The treatment plans for GH must be focused on maintain good blood circulation and preventing any convulsion occurrence. In some cases the need for labor induction and cesarean birth is when the fetus in the womb is fully
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