Pregnancy Experience Case Study Of The Mother And Her Day

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Pregnancy experience case study Overview Of The Mother And Her Day-To-Day Life: The mother who is being written about is giving us a perspective of her third and final pregnancy. She was 27 years old when she had her third baby and was stays at home mum at the time of her pregnancy. She was a de facto parent at the time; her and her partner were living on one income, were renting and had access to the family tax payment. Her activity level was high, as she was busy raising an 18 month old and a 7 year old at this point. Some of her pleasures whilst she was pregnant were taking bubble baths and watching movies to help her relax. Key Aspects Have The Pregnancy And Birth: This was a planned pregnancy and they found out that she was pregnant by using a pregnancy test, due to her period being late. The siblings of the baby were overjoyed and the grandparents were very happy too. She gave birth to her baby on the 28th of April 1998. The main significant dates were the 27th of April, as she went into labour on this day at 10pm and the 28th of April, because it was the date of the birthing process at 8am (12 hour labour). The emotional changes were not very significant through this pregnancy, as she had gone through it before and was focused on raising two other children in the process. She had found that the high points of the pregnancy were almost every part, as she enjoyed the idea of the pregnancy process. The low points included morning sickness within the first 12 weeks
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