Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

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[pic] OBSTETRICS POSTING CASE WRITE-UP PREGNANCY INDUCE HYPERTENSION Name: Muhammad Azraie B. Mat Ali Matrix Number: 1090265 Patient Identification Name : Nur Asilah Bt. Johari Age : 23 year old Race : Malay Sex : Female Address : Taman Raja Abdullah Occupation : Student D.O.A. : 13 March 2013 I/C : 900208035442 LMP : 27 June 2012 - sure of date - not on breast feeding - not on contraceptive - regular menses POA : 37/52 EDD : 4 April 2013 Chief Complaint(s) This is a referred case from Klinik Kesihatan Jalan Raja Abdullah for high blood pressure during regular ante-natal check-up for 1 day duration. History Of…show more content…
She was not in pain and not in respiratory distress. She is a medium built woman with clinically adequate nutritional and hydrational status. There was no gross deformity and skin colour changes in this patient. No attachment of iv branula on her limbs. Vital Signs: Blood pressure : 140/88 mmHg Pulse : 96 beats per minute. Regular rhythm and good volume. Temperature : 37oC Respiratory rate : 20 breaths per minute General Systemic Examination: Hand: The palm was warm and moist. The palmar creases was pink/not pale. No palmar erythema. No peripheral cyanosis and clubbing. Head and Neck: No jaundice and the conjunctiva was pink. Oral hygiene was good, no central cyanosis and the tonsil was not injected. Lower Limb: There was no ankle edema. Per Abdomen Examination: The abdomen was distended with gravid uterus as evidence of linea nigra and striae gravidarum. The umbilicus was centrally located and flat. No dilated veins and surgical scar. Abdomen was soft and non-tender. Clinial fundus correspond to 38 weeks of gestation. Symphyseal-fundal height was 36 cm, which was corresponding to date. It was a singleton baby. Longitudinal lie with cephalic presentation and fetal back was at mother's left. The fetal head was not engaged. Liquor was clinically adequate. Fetal heart sound was heard. Examination Of Other System i.
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