Pregnancy Is A Standard Step

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Pregnancy is a standard step in life for most people. Women dream of having children of their own that they can raise and take care of, but what some do not realize is how much vigilance is needed when one is carrying life inside of them. This country has loads of medications easily accessed by pregnant women that are not always safe for the baby, and some do not realize this. The fact is that 96.3% of pregnant women use over-the-counter medicine including things like prenatal vitamins that may or may not be harmful (Kline & Westberg, 2011). The reason that these medications are so easily mistaken as safe by pregnant women is because the medications may be safe for those that are not pregnant, but are not necessarily safe for those that are and it can be hard to find out which medicines to take and which to avoid. Also, even more frightening is that some vitamins may not be safe for the fetus. Pregnant women across the globe unknowingly use drugs that could cause harm to their babies, such as common over-the-counter drugs that people take every day and drugs that are prescribed by a physician as well as some types of vitamins that are not considered prenatal that women may take. Women need to be cautious when it comes to drug use during pregnancy. There are certain commonplace medications that people use every day without even thinking about it, such as things like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs are used for things like pain management and are one of
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