Pregnancy Related Expenses, $ 0- $ 10000

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• Pregnancy related expenses, $0-$10,000
• Travel Fees, $350-$5,000
• Legal fees o Finalization, $650 - $5,000 o Additional Attorney fees, $0 - $2,000
• Out of state Agency fees, $3,000 - $10,000
These fees can total anywhere from $4,300-$39,300. (Independent Adoption Center). Of course there are reasons for these fees.
There are good reasons for the fees that accrue during the adoption process. Adoption agencies are fully equipped with well-educated social workers to provide counseling for the adoptive parents and the biological parents due to the emotionally grueling process, and also to complete the home studies to ensure that the homes are emotionally and physically safe for the children joining the prospective families. Additional costs include but are not limited to paying the administrative staff “to answer the phone, provide accounting services, comply with non-profit laws, and ensure families are notified… There are also the costs any business has, such as rent, phones, Internet, and insurance” Without these extra costs, prospective parents would not have a way to engage in the process of adoption. In order to cover all business charges and pay the employees, they require charging the adopted families, just like a grocery store will not be able to give groceries away for free because they would not be able to pay their employees. (Independent Adoption Center). Just as any other non-profit organization, they do receive donations and they go to help cover special
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