Pregnancy Restrictions

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Other restrictions During the time of pregnancy, they never allow a woman to visit the temples of gods and goddesses who are believed to be malevolent in nature. She is only allowed to go in front of the gods and goddesses who are benevolent in nature. They believe that if the pregnant woman worships the deities who are revered as peaceful, the child would get the same qualities. In their society, a pregnant woman is strictly prohibited to go even nearer to the graveyard as it might cause miscarriage. She is also restricted to go alone outside during night. If there is a dire need to go, she is to keep a piece of iron with her for protection from the evils spirits. She always avoids foods and other materials from outsiders during the…show more content…
These days a woman should sleep in straight position. If she disobeys the restrictions it will causes bad affects on the newborn baby’s physical structure. The new born baby might be a deaf, one-eyed, ugly, blind, nose-clipt, dump, lamp, born-blind, squint-eyed etc after born. 1.7. Sleeping habits After five month, a pregnant woman is restricted to sleep keeping the face upward. The experienced women teach her how to sleep in one-sided manner, which gives more relaxation to the child in the womb and the mother feels comfort in such sleeping posture. 1.8. Bathing During pregnancy, a pregnant woman never forgets to take bath because it is believed that bathing helps to keep the baby cool in womb and mother’s body as well. However, she does not have any fixed time to take bath in the daytime but she should not take bath after sunset because it is too cold for the mother and is not good for both mother and child. 1.9. Hygiene and sanitation facilities for the pregnant women They do not take any special care for the pregnant women in relation to hygiene and sanitation. Like normal people, a pregnant woman also drinks water from the tube-well, open-well and river. A pregnant woman also uses same open field for latrine and toilet and takes bath in the nearest river. However, after sunset her husband escorts her if she is to go outside for toilet to the
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