Pregnancy, Symptoms, And Treatment

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Evelyn was in her senior year of high school. One day she went to the bank with her mother and suddenly she passed out. She had no idea why, Evelyn explains, “It was in the high 80s, I just assumed I was dehydrated”. She was rushed to the emergency room and had multiple tests run on her. At that moment in time she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. It is a condition that occurs with an excessive production of thyroid hormones. Symptoms Evelyn experienced were high blood pressure, heart palpitations, tremors, and rapid weight loss, intolerance to heat, anxiety and sleep deprivation. Due to her thyroid being over active, she was put on medication to control her thyroid. Also she was prescribed blood pressure medication. This was what she…show more content…
When this happened, she was in and out of the hospital, doing tests and the doctors trying to figure out what exactly the source was. Evelyn says “I was literally confused as to how it could have happened. I was on campus at the time and I noticed the looks on people’s faces when they looked at them. My friends were concerned about my condition wanting to know how I was feeling. I was annoyed most of the time since I wasn’t given a definite answer on what it was.” Three months after this occurrence, she was told what the definite source was, and it was her thyroid medication. Since her thyroid was hyperactive she needed medication. Her endocrinologist recommended two alternatives, to stop taking the medications and have radioactive iodine to kill her thyroid or have surgery to remove her thyroid. Due to it being less invasive, Evelyn chose the radioactive iodine treatment. During this process she was not able to be in the same room as other people to not expose them to the radiation. Evelyn says “I was at home during winter break when I had to have the treatment. Every time I needed to go into a room I had to announce I was going there, so my family wouldn’t be there. I was to stay in my room most of the time. It was kind of hard since I couldn’t even play with my little brother.” Since Evelyn’s thyroid was no longer active after the treatment, it now cause her to have Hypothyroidism and she no longer had to take the
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