Pregnancy Trends Throughout Americ An Persuasive Essay

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Ashley Brown COMS 2150 Persuasive Essay 11/10/2014 Pregnancy Trends in America As a society we have advanced immensely and swiftly in multiple areas such as science, medicine, and technology. Because of these advancements we are seeing a spike in C-sections and other practices in pregnancy such as induction drugs and epidurals. We may want to reconsider some of the trending practices that are not always necessary and cause dangerous outcomes for mother and child. Woman need to say no to medical interventions during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary and opt for a more natural approach as that is what our bodies were designed to do on their own, and have done for thousands of years. What sparked my interest in the subject was having some…show more content…
5-6) The World Health Organization also shows that in 1965 Americas C-section rate was 4.5%, but it has now rose to an alarming 32.8%. It is along the highest rates in the world. The WHO states, nearly one in three women in the U.S. deliver their babies by C-section, either for elective reasons, or because of a risk to mother or child. If it can be avoided women should not elect for a C-section because there are many complications and disadvantages to it. Doctor Hoskins, chair of the department of OB/GYN at Lutheran Medical Center says, “Because we do so many so often, people are lulled into a false sense of security. While the process usually works very well, we are cutting into the abdomen, adjusting the organs, and making incisions near the bladder and bowel.” As a result, there could be damage to the surrounding organs, excessive bleeding, or an infection. For women who have three or more C-sections, the risk rises even further such as a higher chance of needing a blood transfusion, or needing hysterectomy just to save the mother’s life. Doctor Hoskins says that 40% or more of women having multiple C-sections will experience these complications, so keeping the procedure limited to those that are medically necessary could be life-saving. Not only is the C-section rate at an alarming high, the use of epidurals and induction drugs have also risen drastically. According to the World Health Organization, one in five labors is begun artificially in America, and with the
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