Pregnancy Week 20: The Eight Stages Of Baby Development

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Pregnancy week 20
So you are living in the half way of your pregnancy and I must say you are enjoying each and every phases of it. Your baby is developing slowly and steadily starting from a little embryo to a fully grown baby. In the twentieth week your baby is rapidly going and all the body are almost visible you can also feel the arms and legs of the baby. You have to be more and more cautious about your health always try to be at home and taking proper rest.
The developing baby:
Your baby is now almost grown, size around 20-25 cm long and weighs 25-30gms, the size is like that of a banana all the sense organs are developing very fast now your baby is taking somersaults and making rapid movement which you can feel more clearly.

The control senses of your baby are developing the baby is now able to see, feel and smell. The nervous system of your baby are also growing

The baby is now able to produce meconium a kind of harmless mixture of amniotic fluid swallowed by your baby and produced through bowels.

The colourless hairs are growing on your baby’s scalp. The baby is now moving all over your womb but it happens not very frequently as you baby sleeps more or less for twenty hours.

Body of the mother changes:

• If your height is short then at this time your growing
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Another reason to include iron in your diet is that you may suffer from anemia and iron will help to increase your blood
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