Pregnancy and Postpartum Advice

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Memorandum TO: Ms. xxxxx From: Dr. XXXXX Date: 16 Feb, 2013 Subject: Pregnancy and Postpartum Advice This memorandum describes the appropriate psychological activities for both pregnant and postpartum women in order to systemize their behavior for optimum health of both themselves and their children. The ultimate aim of this communication is to lessen the chances of postpartum mental conditions that 85% of women experience when pregnant or after the birth of their child. It is important for both new and expecting mothers to be aware of postpartum psychological alterations in their conscious behavior. The following activities may help treat this disorder and aide the patient in assuming a healthy and productive lifestyle. - Exercise It is important for women in these conditions to exercise their body in a moderate yet sustained fashion. Take walks with your baby and stretch your muscles. If pregnant, replace walking with sitting exercises that focus on moving all parts of your body. Movement is necessary for your mental faculties to operate at healthy levels. - Maintain a healthy diet You are what you eat. It is important that despite emotional mood swings that may tempt these women into making poor dietary choices that they eat healthy foods and avoid alcohol or other drugs not prescribed by your doctor. - Set realistic goals There is a great temptation for postpartum and pregnant women to ignore their special condition. Don't pressure yourself into
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