Preimplantation Embryo Genetic Modification Should Be Legal

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Preimplantation embryo Genetic Modification should be legal for medical purposes because it was proven safer than other forms of genetic modification in other countries. According to the National Institute of Health, PGM is legal in the United Kingdom for research purposes only. However, it is illegal to implant the embryos into a woman for further development or gestation. In the United States, it is not legal to perform such research because of ethical concerns (NIH). Some argue that it is not likely that personal use can be restricted and make genetic engineering only used for medical purposes. As mentioned before, late term abortion laws were created to reserve ethicalities. There should be similar laws put in place for PGM.…show more content…
Genetic modification and the possible outcomes are eerily similar to eugenics. Throughout the early to mid-1900’s in the United States, over 60,000 people were involuntarily sterilized in over thirty states (Suter 901). Sonia M. Suter, a genetic counselor and Professor of Genetics, law, and bioethics, writes in her journal, “Inspired by the success of the American eugenics program, Germany enacted a comprehensive sterilization law in 1933, which is estimated to have led to the sterilization of 3,500,000 persons. Nazi policy went a gruesome step further, resulting in the extermination of various ‘undesirables’, including Jews and gypsies” (Suter 901-902). There are similar events in history where people have strived for physical conformity. Many people have previously and still do believe that race dictates behaviors. In 1883, Francis Galton, a scientist trained in medicine and mathematics, asserted that character and talent traits were hereditary and that the “race of men” could be improved and the “desirable” race could be multiplied, while the undesirable could be rid of (Suter 904). What Suter is referring to is that by selecting children’s genes, a branch of eugenics would be formed. This exaggeration is assuming that someone in ultimate power would learn that genetic modification and would force people to use PGM to create someone with the demagogue’s desired traits. Preimplantation embryo Genetic Modification is safer than previous genetic modifications, for

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