Preimplantation In My Sister's Keeper

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My Sister’s Keeper is a movie about an interfamily struggle that broadens into a struggle of Anna or Kate. In the movie, Anna is genetically engineered to be a one hundred percent match for her sister Kate. Kate is sick with cancer, and she needs donations like blood, bone marrow, and various other things. Anna is born for the sole purpose of being Kate’s perfect match donor. Anna is created via pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and in vitro fertilization to be the perfect genetic match for Kate. While this process is in a more ethically grey area, you must look at the full picture of everyone involved. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is a procedure performed on a zygote before implantation; it detects genetic defects within the embryos created via in vitro fertilization (Preimplantation Genetic). Preimplantation has a series of four steps: a cell is removed from the…show more content…
I believe that no child should be born for spare parts. It's almost like her parents are saying, “we only wanted you to save our golden child your opinions and feelings don’t actually matter to us.” It reminds me of when my dad went to the junkyard and bought a truck purely for parts for his other truck of the same year and brand. Anna isn’t an object built to be thrown away, she is a person who deserves to live her life without being treated as though she is only as good as an old truck from a junkyard. I would not consider doing the same if I were a parent in the same situation because I would never want to put such a small child through traumatic events like Anna went through, and I would never want to make my child grow up feeling like they are second best, less important, and only alive because we love the sick child more than we love them. I would not want my child to grow up feeling as though they are only alive because I needed to use them, not because I wanted and loved
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